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At Rice Dentistry of Nellysford in Nellysford, Virginia, Drs. Jennifer and James Rice are pleased to offer dentures for our patients who need help with their smile. Keeping your smile healthy involves daily, consistent effort. When it comes to your oral health, your goal is to keep away tooth decay and gum disease, because these two scenarios claim more teeth than any other factor. Brushing and flossing every day is crucial to your smile success, and visiting your dentist twice a year completes the process.

Unfortunately, patients often put off regular professional dental care until there are problems under way. Dental issues are easily corrected and least invasive when they are small and not well on their way to destroying your healthy smile. Cavities and gingivitis are easy to treat, but when a tooth needs extraction or your gums have severely receded, you may require prosthetics such as dentures to help.

If you don’t regularly see your dentist, you may incur the following signs that your smile needs help:

— Severe pain in the tooth. This signals that you have advanced decay. The pain indicates that decay has begun to attack the nerve in your tooth pulp. Our goal is to save your teeth when possible, for proper bone health and smile function. But once you have lost two or more teeth, you will want to intervene with a dental prosthesis.

— It hurts to chew. If you have teeth that are cracked, are missing teeth, have untreated cavities or gum disease, this may cause pain when chewing foods that are hard and chewy. Having a root canal and dental crown place can save the tooth and protect your smile before you need prosthetics.

— Your stomach hurts. Having a persistent stomachache might be caused by hurting teeth. If your teeth can’t chew effectively, you may swallow larger sections of food which is difficult for your stomach to process.

— Unsightly teeth. Are your front teeth unsightly? If you are unhappy with the state of your front teeth, dentures can give you the confidence to smile, chew, and speak freely again.

With today’s technological advances and the ease of access to oral hygiene products, there is no reason to lose healthy teeth unless you are neglecting your smile care. You can avoid this by brushing, flossing, and keeping up with routine dental visits. If you would like to schedule your next visit or would like to know more about dentures in Nellysford, Virginia, please call 434-218-7020 today. Drs. Jennifer and James Rice look forward to helping you with all of your smile needs!