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Your dentist, Dr. Jennifer Rice, and Dr. James Rice, and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we strongly recommend repairing your teeth if they are broken, decayed, worn down, and damaged. It’s very important to take care of dental issues as soon as possible, and we recommend doing so by taking advantage of these restorative dental treatments in Nellysford, Virginia:

-Dental fillings: Dental fillings are strong dental restorations that repair your teeth when they have been attacked by tooth decay. They are also beneficial when you have teeth that have been chipped or broken.

-Dental crowns: Dental crowns are reliable dental restorations that offer natural-looking results. They are tooth-shaped caps that cover the entire surfaces of your teeth, restore your health, and disguise smile imperfections. These are great options for broken, worn down, and fragile teeth.

-Dental bridges: Dental bridges are beneficial dental restorations that permanently replace your missing teeth without the need for surgery. They can replace one or more missing teeth in a row, and they are anchored to the remaining natural teeth that lie on both sides of the gap in your mouth.

-Dental implants: Dental implants are dependable dental restorations that permanently replace your missing teeth and their roots. This treatment does require surgery, but it offers strong, reliable, and natural-looking results that last a lifetime.

-Dentures: Dentures are removable dental restorations that are helpful when you want to replace your missing teeth with a removable appliance. Dentures can replace a few missing teeth in your smile or fill your mouth with the many pearly whites that you need. There are two different types of dentures available: complete and partial dentures.

To learn more about these restorative dental treatments, please call Rice Dentistry of Nellysford today at 434-218-7020. We are happy to tell you all we know about these treatments so you can make the best decision for your smile. We look forward to helping you!